Accommodation “Dom solidarnosti“ is located in Sutomore, in the southern part of Montenegrin coastline, right on the beach (the beach is 170 meters long). Thanks to its location, climate, transportation connections, equipment and program, if offers ideal conditions for educational, entertaining and sports-recreational activities. This makes it particularly convenient for the stay of preschool age groups, primary school age children, high school age students, university students, athletes, as well as for organization of seminars, school in nature and other forms of education both on domestic and international level. In the “Dom slidarnosti“ there is an Education center for training of water lifeguards.Facility capacities:

·         180 beds in two and three bedrooms witb bathroom, as well as multi number bedrooms for group stay of children and youth;
·         Restaurant with 100 seats with buffet meal offers;
·         Classrooms equipped with audio-visual equipment;
·         Multifunctional air-conditioned plenary hall with 100 seats;
·         Sports ground for small sports: basketball, volleyball, handball, soccer
·         Computer training room with internet access;
·         WiFi in each room available;
·         TV and cable available in each room;
·         Own clinic;
·         Cafeteria;
·         Terrace;
·         Library;
·         Beach with lifeguard;
·         Sutomore has excellent connections in terms of transportation: Belgrade-Bar railway, Adriatic highway, Port of Bar, Podgorica airport and Tiva airport.
The accommodation is located near the center of Sutomore (50 m) beach (40 m), bus station (100 m), Railway station (200 m), Airport (40 km).
It is possible to organize a match with the best basketball teams in the country, or the organization of several matches. The camp promoter is Nikola Vucevic, NBA, Sasa Pavlovic, Partizan.
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