Marko Rajović, in addition to graduating from the Faculty of Physical Education, specialized at the Medical Faculty of the University of Novi Sad (Sports Medicine and Physicotherapy). He participated in a large number of seminars abroad and deals with issues in regard to basketball players and FMS, as well as basic motor skills and specific motor testing.
He received his MA and published a paper on the topic of “Somatic status indicator value in the initial selection of basketball players,” where he drew attention to the unprofessional work with children who have deformities accompanied by rapid growth, which is directly related with health in later life, as well as a basketball internship.
One part of our testing, that we certainly put emphasis on is FMS. FMS (FUNCTIONAL MOBILITY TESTS – FUNCTIONAL MOVEMENT SCREENING) shows certain blockages and deformities as initiators of lower amplitudes. Therefore, a test of functional movement is the system used to assess the quality of the movement. Through seven tests, we put the individual in extreme positions where weaknesses, imbalances and blockades become visible if the required stability and mobility is not properly used. These basic movements are designed to provide a noticeable effect of the basic locomotor, manipulative and stabilized movements.

In addition to FMS, we also perform Anthropological testing by determining: body height, body mass, arm span, level assessment of nutritional status; basic motor skills testing, which mainly cover the primary motor factors, as well as specific motor testing.