Introduction interview – During the interview, all details related to the whole process are explained; we will provide answers to your questions and remove all possible doubts.

All necessary paperwork will be handed to the Client. You will start preparing video materials on your own or with our help.

You are still not officially in the process. You have prepared the video material and handed it to us. We will observe the material and make the estimation of your qualities, levels of competition you can handle in the United States, Turkey or Italy, and make estimated amount of the scholarship, or amount of money you will need to pay in case you do not get the full scholarship. All these estimations are rough, made according to the long experience, and they do not have to be 100% correct. We will make decision about joining our program. The decision can be positive or negative, which means you can be accepted into the program or declined.

Based on our estimation of your qualities, possibilities and expected expenses you will make a  final decision about officially joining the program.

Contract signing and beginning of the official cooperation.