Our individual training involves working with one, max. two players which provides  the coach with possibility to give maximum attention to detail and the correction thereof. Every basketball skills is adopted with a large number of repetitions, which is impossible at team training. The first training should address the testing and level assessment of individual’s basketball skills. The assessment shall determine tasks and goals to be met through training to make the player achieve visible progress. When we determine the level of skills, the training is adapted according to such level and a great amount of time is dedicated to areas that require improvement. During each training, we shall use methods that emphasize the importance of coherence between the legs and balance, as the foundation of success for the development of basketball skills.
The program consists of several levels. Each level involves progressive skills that cause the inclusion of footwork and balance, fitness, basketball IQ, mental toughness and the overall development of basketball skills.
Players who meet the set goals and reach a predefined level of skill, move on to the next (advanced) level. The players must practice during the training and outside the training and understand the set goals as a challenge.
The importance of individual work in basketball is reflected in the results achieved by the player. We estimate the progress assessment based on new testing and examination of video of the first few training. The relationship between successful basketball players who are individually trained and those who are not is around 90-10% in favor of those who are trained individually.